Market Sensibility



Sue Leenerman

Sue is the founder and president of Market Sensibility. In her career, Sue has found that, all too often, marketing departments are reactive and rely on tactics that can't be measured for effectiveness. Sue promotes sensibility in her business — having a sensible plan and strategy with cross-functional alignment before developing tactics. Sue has 20 years of experience in technology and manufacturing industries, driving integrated marketing across channels to achieve results.

As a marketing executive, Sue has:

  • Led cross-functional teams to plan and execute product launches, sales and customer incentive programs, marketing communications and promotions, and e-marketing and sales tools for a $100 million disk storage business unit and $1.5 billion tape storage business unit.
  • Held responsibility for product marketing and marketing communications, including worldwide communications programs. She created a market strategy that resulted in 140% sales growth and helped to secure $30 million in funding.
  • Planned and executed the corporate and product launch of a startup firm that resulted in $20 million in revenue during the first year of operation.